Cloud VPS Hosting is a hosting plan that have the independency of managing a massive amount of server resources in the cloud. It always work with a virtualization technology named cloud server. Because commercial Cloud VPS offerings are differs one to each other, there is not a single optimal configuration out there. It all depends on your needs and at very scalable portion.Therefore, the most important factor in managing Cloud VPS Hosting or Cloud servers efficiently is to match the hardware node configuration with the latest technology of Networking tools and software. So what is the best Cloud VPS Server solution?

Over the most recent couple of years, the market for Cloud Computing Server has expanded rapidly up to $250 Billion in 2019. This fact alone give a huge impact for any Cloud VPS Hosting provider (reseller) to start migrating their server to the best Cloud Server Suppliers. There are many Cloud Server suppliers in the market today, for example, VM Ware, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and many more. However, in this era of an unbelievable networking system, it's hard to meet the requirements of clients.


Google Cloud Platform is considered as the third biggest cloud provider in terms of resources behind Amazon Web services in the first place and Microsoft Azure in second. Google Cloud Services features Compute App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Drive Storage, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Load Balancing, Network Service Tiers, Cloud Armor, Google Cloud Console, Email Services and many more.

Google Cloud bills in minute-level usage, so you should only pay for the compute time you use. So it can be more cost efficient as the pricing can be much more flexible right? With Compute App you can build an entire new Cloud VPS Windows or even Linux based operating system.

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Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, a growing collection of integrated services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. Any developer or IT professional can be productive with Azure. Build and manage enterprise, mobile, web, and Internet of Things apps faster, using skills developers and IT professionals already have and technologies they already know by looking at the Azure cloud service pricing.

Azure easily integrates with your existing IT environment so your assets stay right where you need them. Microsoft has made an industry-leading commitment to the protection and privacy of your data. Azure’s pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use. Azure applied the same features to start a compute machine. With this you can create a new Cloud VPS Hosting plan based on the payable resource you choose.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has set high standards for the entire Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry by building a solid foundation with complex administrative, physical and logical controls. It alos has very strict policies for physical access to its data centers. There are popular Cloud Hosting provider that host their servers in AWS. For instance, Godday, HostGator, IDCloudhost, Hostinger, and even SiteGround.

If you want to start selling your own Cloud VPS Hosting plan then we suggest to start building your server now. Choose either one of the mentioned above, Google Cloud Platfor, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. But Why AWS? Because it has the best pricing point, performance and most important high level security. As customers begin to understand the importance of security in the cloud, AWS was well aware to make security a priority and thus a market differentiator and competitive advantage for cloud providers.

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